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thoughts on Vintage Meyer

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Does anyone here play on older New York Meyer on tenor? I've been playing on a Link Tone Master 8* and was wondering how the Meyer would compare? Any thoughts on vintage meyer pieces?
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Great sounding mouthpieces but you'll have to get a huge Meyer to come close to the 8* Link. Meyer tenors pieces have VERY conservative tip openings. Played an Old NY Meyer 6 Tenor mouthpiece for years but switched to the Tenney Slant Link HR 7 and the bottom of the horn blows SO much free-er.
thanks for the advice.... I've never really bought a vintage mouthpiece before... I did buy an old Florida link off a guy, but he didn't know what it was and I got it for $100. How much should I be ready to spend on a piece like this? I'm aware that some online stores sell them for a LOT of $$$ ; is there anyplace I could look to get a better deal?
I think $150 to $200 is about the going price. But I'm not sure how the current exchange rate of the US$ will change pricing.
vintage meyer is a very interesting alternative. You can get a very fast response and alot of tight control from them. so if you are the kind of player who wants alot of clarity for some fast hard pop or something. I think they made them in a 9 but even that is going to fall short of your 8*.

I find the design to be so different from dukoffs or links that it really takes some getting used to in terms of intonation and how to play it generally.
the sidewalls are not wide so the sound doesn't spread out like other tenor mouthpieces and then the chamber narrows really sharply into the bore.
it feels really weird but like i said you can play fast and clear on it like no others so it might be worth the extra practice if you like the sound..
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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