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Hi guys.

Just got an RPC 80B alto from fellow SOTWer, and played it last night. The first thing I notice, it has almost NO RESISTENCE at all:shock:. Being a .080" tip it plays easier than my Meyer "Richie Cole" which is #5 (0.071") opening.

But then I'm used to playing pieces with a little resistence to push against, I found the RPC difficult to play consistently in tune. On a ZZ 2.5 it plays like no reed was there. I tried using harder reeds (V16 2.5, ZZ 3) but I feel the "resistence" (if that's the word) given by harder reed isn't quite the same as that by the mouthpiece itself, plus the tone would be different.

I can notice my breath support and embouchure were to blame, but this RPC lead me to think about breath support and firm embouchure thing. Do mpc resistence contribute to keeping a firm embouchure and/or stable breath support? Is it a good thing to play a resistent mpc?

And....any other thoughts? :mrgreen:
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