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Thomann BariPro Matt Black Finish

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Hi Guys, have any of you bought/tried the BariPro Baritone sax from Thomann in the Black Matt finish, i'm interested in any feedback you may have regarding the finish, how it looks in the flesh as it were, if anyone has one for a while, how is the finish hoding up etc.
Thanks in advance
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Well guys, i went and bought the Thomann Bari Pro. I got the Matt Black finish, it arrived very well packed in a box within a box in it's substantial case, the low C and bell keys were held closed with some chunks of aeroboard, the instrument is a real looker with the black finish and gold engraving. It was very well set up and played all the way up and down the registers. I got a friend of mine to try it out next to his Yani bari, he was very impressed with it tuning wise and also with the response, so all in all, i am very happy with my purchase and would not have a problem recommending this horn.
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Some pictures for you, hope i have done this correctly
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Very happy with it so far anyway, just a matter of getting my Bari chops up to speed, cheers buddy
1 - 4 of 11 Posts
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