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I had no trouble for the past I don't know how long getting my altissimo up to Eb4 on my Ponzol. However today I practice them and can't get a3 ab4 and b4 out. Tried all my reeds none of them would produce these notes. The sound however was fine.

I then strapped on my Runyon to see if it was the mouthpiece and they came out effortlessly. I was even able to increase my range, although a bit sketchy to A4 on the Runyon.

I am almost suspecting that something happened to my Ponzol since last night because of this incidence. I do see a slight nick in the rail on the left hand side as well. It does seem very odd that it did not effect anything else besides those 3 notes.When I play those on the Ponzol I get a sound reminiscent of teeth on the reed mixed with uncontrolled overtones.

Although it is a pleasure that I found I could reach higher notes on my Runyon, I am very discontent with this. The Ponzol gives me a much sweeter tone.

If anyone has any thoughts, opinions, advice or similar experiences it would be greatly appreciated. I'll also put up a picture tomorrow, before I take my sax in for adjustment, so you can get a better idea of hat I'm talking about.
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