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This is my wife. Her name is Connie...

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First and foremost, I want to give thanks to God for Sax On The Web(and the many long nights we've shared), Gayle Fredenburgh, Dave Dolson, Roger Aldridge, Ralph Morgan, saxismyaxe, and last but certainly not least, Saxaholic. Every one of them have personally assisted me on my journey to finding the one for me. And now, my story.

After learning about SOTW I spent a long time researching vintage saxes on the forum before joining it. After I joined the forum I learned about and proceeded to purchase a beautiful 1938 silverplate Series 1 Buescher Aristocrat from Gayle Fredenburgh. The sax was simply phenomenal. The sound was so powerful and clear, sweet, and rich that I was was on cloud nine from the first blow. But, something was missing. Eventually I ran into a crisis that forced me to attempt selling it. Fortunately enough, by a stroke of luck I recieved a sum of money before it sold. With more time to play it now, I confirmed that something was indeed missing in the tone. It was an exemplary horn, but it was not in tune with my sound concept.

Thus, I went many nights without sleep, scouring SOTW for hints toward a sax capable of freeing my voice and handling my tonal concept. I was turned on to The Martins, and Conns. So I contacted a great many members, in an attempt to garner a mass of opinions, from which I would formulate my own. To make a long story short... Somehow I got in contact withy Saxaholic who had just the thing. It was the 257,xxx transitional Conn 6m that he raved about. Does " I just had an out of body experience. Help me." ring a bell? Well that was the first time he played this beauty. He was not exaggerating at all.

After the first note... I was sold. After the second note... I was hooked. After the third note... my Aristocrat was packed in a box and shipped out shortly thereafter.

The Conn resonates like a washing machine in full swing. The sound is a la carte. It is funny that he described it to me as a model lying in a silk bed with rose petals, while my Aristocrat would be somewhat like the perfect wife without that last umph(sex appeal:twisted:). He was not kidding. This man could not lie if you paid him to. I would take it a step further by saying that the Conn(Connie;)) is not only lying in a bed of silk, but she has a glass of the finest wine bidding the player to come hither. That is probably why I cannot put it down. The Conn's sound has a very sweet, yet sexy, smoky sound. It easily beat the best The Martin Alto that I have ever played. That Martin actually made me blink and second guess, but when I blew my Conn again I had to laugh at myself. There was no comparison. Plus, on the Conn I can play up to altissimo G effortlessly.

I took it to my favorite music store to test out some reeds. When I began playing a nearby onlooker said that "that thing projects like crazy!" Then a pro that was the manger for the band section tried to buy it off my on the spot starting off with $1000. He never stopped raising his offer until I left.

I have played my fair share of some of the best saxes to grace this world, and I must say that there is no competition thus far. My WILL, will not include this one. It will have to be buried with me.

Oh and that is her as my avatar!

I just had to share this. Thank You!:D

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I hope I find a horn like that someday. Except it will be a woman tempting me like a really nice sax.
Thomas Gavin: I'm guessing that you are referring to the Connie thing :D lol... Yeah, i'm joking. I'm just thrilled to find what i have been looking for all this time.

Joelsp: I sincerely hope that you do. There is no experience superior to that of the ability to immerse oneself within the music, using the sax as a simply the instrument by which to voice one's musical conceptions. I fully experienced this at an impromptu jam session with some friends this past weekend. Hahahaa I just got it! That was a good one....
I'm glad you like the horn. I told you it would be killer.

I've also been turned into a conn fanatic lately. There's a big possibility I might trade my martin for a 6m this weekend.
Dude... NEVER marry a sax!!! Girlfriend, soul sister, friend with benefits, that's fine, but marriage.... You can't afford it! THINK!!! before you walk down the isle. The sax divorce rate is way out of control. You may need professional help before saying "I do".

I too have been "conn-verted".
My 270xxx Naked Lady isn't as shiny and pretty as yours Frequency, but boy can she sing. I feel what you are saying!
Makes me want to change my user name to "Conn-tent"
I love my sax, but I think you guys are in need of therapy.:D
Lol... Tj, you are so right man! My soprano left me for another man(stolen), my relationship with my yani tenor quickly ended with a costly divorce settlement, and in less than a year I have had brief flings with over 5 saxes. It is so hard to stay faithful man. But with this one, I think it will work out. Hey Jacobeid! Sorry for not getting back to you. Conns rock my world! Hey freeJazz! Conn-tent is a cool name hahaha.
It's best to just maintain a personal harem of saxophones. That way if they get old, over used or just don't give "comfort" any more, they can be easily replaced in a pain free quickie fashion. Just let them run away with the UPS driver....
I've got a personal harem of saxophones, including a few Conns. But I think one of them's a Tranny!!
I've CONNverted aswell! I play a 1947 Conn 6m with a "Metro" underslung neck. It blows away any alto I've ever played! That list includes Martins, VI's, Conn 6m VII, Buescher, Yamaha, etc...
Yes Conn men and would be Conn men!!! The only thing that's keeping you from experiencing the same Connubial bliss is a little bit of green:

Sheeeee's waiting!:D
Hahaha! Ladies and gentlemen! Rleitch is perfectly right. Don't let a little green stop you from experiencing bliss. Even if you risk having your spouse make stew of your hide later. Kavala, will you be my psychiatrist? Thank you eveyone for welcoming me among the esteemed rank of Connoisuers! Tj I am a one sax man but at this rate that will soon change.

I'm so glad you liked the horn. You were so nervous at first! But it all worked out. I already regret selling the horn...but I'm glad it ended up with someone who will cherish it like that. Now that I can actually play a vintage horn again....I'm on the hunt. Martin or Conn, Martin or Conn....

TJ cannot be more RIGHT: Loyalty is hard to find in the world of horn blowers!

And remember, horns are like women in many ways. The one I see often is exactly like this dictum: For every hot woman, there must be at least one guy who is TIRED (or bored) of boning her! ;-)
Hornlip said:
I've got a personal harem of saxophones, including a few Conns. But I think one of them's a Tranny!!
I thought all Conns had large gonads.:twisted:
Just got my 30M back from a long visit with my brother. Boy, I missed her. I know how you feel. Though she's technically my "ex" now (I am betrothed to a '63 VI now), I still like to see her on the side. I may even attempt a menage ala Roland Kirk. This could get interesting.

Congrats on the new wife.
I just had to give a big shout out to all of those that have responded to my post, showing me and my naked lady some love. I really appreciate it.

Saxaholic: If our transaction was a fairy tale, I would say that this was a very happy ending. Thanks man.

Yellowhornblower: Hahahaaaaaa you are hilarious man!!!!

I hope everybody is enjoying their axe as much I am. Of course that would be naively optimistic of me, considering that that is simply impossible. So, uh..... you know just do the best that you can. Keep on blowin guys;).

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