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This is a “ Devil’s wing “ ( let alone the Hell’s bell!)

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I found this I had to share (despite the state this thing is in the seller is still asking good money for it!)

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Well, it could probably slice an opponent up like a Klingon Bat' it has THAT going for it...but I actually would give it an E for "Effort".

A few minutes on a machinist's grinding wheel followed by some filing and it can probably take the sharp edges off and make it safer....wonder how much weight it adds top the horn, however.

Also the bell damage is no could probably be improved around 75%. But I do believe I spy (with my little eye) a wee bellbrace impaction into the bell...which would be an expensive repair if one wished to eradicate that.

All of this, as we know, pointing to the possibility that this damage has caused issues at the body tube as well....hole chimney warpage, maybe a body bend, maybe the bell keycups no longer aligning with their holes.

$400 tops if it has a neck.
It's not a bad solution...I have seen worse solutions (for example someone removing the original posts and slapping on some generic wire guards...which IMHO is far worse).

Slapping on decent-looking standard sheet metal guards might have been better, they are available out there. But then the original posts would have to be removed, replaced with keyguard feet... and there'd likely be post footrpints remaining and visible on the body.

If aluminum, it'd be quite lightweight.

I think the criticism would be it's a bit primitive particularly at the edges.

I would probably have used sheet brass, myself, but again....not an awful solution....
1 - 2 of 11 Posts
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