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Theo Wanne Earth Mouthpiece Redesign

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I just got a brand spanking new Theo Wanne Earth mouthpiece today, and have been having fun with it, I really like the sound I get.

One surprising thing though, is that the design of the mouthpiece is different than what I had seen in pictures and video reviews. The "Mantra 2" branding is gone, as is the "Elements" branding. Also the etching on the back is thinner, and painted black like the Gaia or Durga pieces.

I thought the changes were only cosmetic but when I was looking the piece over again I notice that the chamber has the "shark gills" in it that were in the original Mantra. I wonder if he just went back to the old Mantra design or something.

I have no complaints because I like the piece, but it is interesting that the design appears to have changed pretty significantly internally without Theo calling it an Earth 2 or something.

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I have a Dugra 8*. 8* on most pieces seems to be my wheelhouse. But when I purchased the Gaia 3, I could only get an 8 or a 9. I chose the 8, but it definitely has a “ceiling”. I might have preferred the 9. I guess production is all about demand, but it would be nice to have the half sizes available.
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