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heath said:
Actually I think Skip did the best service for all this Amma business, by showing us that no matter what you play it's still going to sound like you.
This might be true for accomplished players but not for less experienced ones. I sound different with a Tone Edge or a SR Tech Fusion, no doubt.

I think we are not taking enough in account the ease of playing of the mouthpiece, rather just comparing how somebody else SOUNDS. And since he's a top notch player who I guess has found "his sound" already, the conclusion might be that everything sound similar so gear doesn't matter.
However many of use choose the mouthpiece on the nearly unique base of how easy it makes their playing. Or is that just me? Isn't it said that the best mouthpiece is the one that makes you forget about how to play and just focus on the music?

Given the return policy of Theo, I think the AMMA, which certainly won't be a "chop-in-a-box" tool, is still worth a try to decide whether it's worth FOR YOU the substantial money it goes for (unless you are perfectly satisfied of what you have already).
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