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Theme from Fellini's "La Strada"

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I was turned-on to alto sax by an instrumental of this tune, in the late 50s.

It was released in the US as a vocal by Perry Como.."Traveling Down a Lonely Road", and in UK by Ronnie Hilton as "Stars Shine in Your Eyes".

I'm trying to track down sheet music for this tune, so I can now play it on my own alto!

Can anyone help, please?
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I've managed to discover it was written by Nino Rota (who wrote, among much else) The Godfather theme.
Nino Rota is one of the best Italian musicians who is most famous for the scores he wrote for the giants of Italian Cinema in particular the work he did for and with Federico Fellini
this linkwill bring you to the Nino Rota site on the sheet music section.
Read the rest of the site at this other link it will tell you lots and put in touch with the right people too!;)
Thanks, Milandro...I've only just spotted your reply!
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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