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The ULTIMATE Gig Bag (for instrument stands, cases, etc)

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I recently purchased a Hercules bass clarinet stand and quickly realized it was longer in it's folded position than the case I had been using for my instrument stands. So, I looked around for a case that could work for my BC stand. Long story short, I settled on a DeWalt heavy duty tool bag. It's dimensions are 30" long, 13.5" wide, and 9.5" high.

My bass clarinet stand, Bechler tenor sax stand, Hamilton peg stand, and clarinet & flute/alto flute pegs easily fit into the bag. Then, like in the movie "Little Shop of Horrors" the bag was saying "feed me". The bag had plenty of room for MORE things. So, in goes my clarinet case, flute case, alto flute case, and all of my various reed cases, extra clarinet barrel, etc etc. Man, the DeWalt tool bag took it all! This is a great case for hauling various kinds of musical equipment. It's definitely heavy duty. It will probably outlive me!

I'm sure that my music buddies are going to laugh their butts off when they see me walking in the door looking like I just came from a construction site. But, that's cool. There's nothing like having something that's sure to get a laugh.

PS, I got the bag for $5 + shipping on ebay.

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Does it come with a tool belt ?;)
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