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The Technique and Theory of Improvisation: A practical guide for flutists, doublers and other instrumentalists, is a concise but comprehensive guide to (1) the technique (articulation, vibrato, and breathing) and (2) the theory (rhythm, melody and harmony) that are essential in learning to improvise.

The book also addresses how to integrate the technique with the theory using a simple melodic approach, based on small bits that you can develop into bigger bits as you get better.

In addition, the book examines practical issues such as analyzing tunes, using an idiomatic approach, and transcribing, with plenty of examples and illustrations.

As Sir James Galway points out in the foreword, this is a very useful and valuable source of reference for the aspiring student and the experienced performer or teacher.

SIR JAMES GALWAY (extract from the foreword):

"When I first heard Bill play some 15 years ago, I was truly impressed with his work, because I recognized I was listening to flute playing on another level altogether. At that time, I thought Bill should write a book. Well, he has finally fulfilled my wish. Not only that, but I think he has written a book up there with the greatest flute players of all time."

BOOK: Available at all Amazon websites. (The Technique and Theory of Improvisation: A practical guide for flutists, doublers, and other instrumentalists: McBirnie, Bill: 9781999227302: Books)

ONLINE LESSONS: Extreme Flute - Bill McBirnie - Online Lessons & Services
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