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I am very new to the saxophone. I began to study jazz guitar, and eventually just jazz about 5-6ish years ago. I had the interest in getting a C-Melody about 8 months ago, and made it happen about 6 months ago.

Already I can feel the G.A.S.... mouthpieces, necks, straps, reeds, horns, pads! etc. I have gone from having one C-Melody to two, and I still check ebay all the time to see what C-Mels and Bb Tenors are coming out of attics. (I like vintage... super vintage)
C-Melodies also appeal to me because they are "unusual" and every sax player I talked to told me not to get one. (which made me want one more :dontknow:)

I now spend a lot of time reading about saxophones and watching players on youtube. I can now say that I have probably read every bit of information available about C-Melodies that the internet has to offer! (There is a lot, but it is still finite) I have looked at differences in models/keywork/etc. and have found C-Melodies to be wonderful forgotten horns. I will eventually get a Tenor, but the C will always be my main horn.

I just wanted to say that the saxophone, the players, the lifestyle, its all so Captivating! I never knew what world I was entering but the kind members of SOTW have been invaluable. This horn thing is very different from guitar!

I just have to remember not to let my extensive guitar investments gather too much dust :( I It actually really has been cutting into my guitar practicing because I make headway so much faster on the sax... I don't know if I should be worried about that or not. Any other guitaxophonists have input about this? At what point should I give the sax a rest?

Thankyou Adolph Sax, and SOTW.
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