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When talking mouth pieces players seem to say the make of their MPC of choice.
That is OK for them but for me to copy in the hope of achieving something better than I have is dead risky and the wrong way to go.
I need a MPC that is easy to play. This is because in a few weeks I`ll not see 78 again.What I have been using is Yamaha 4C in both my tenor and alto saxes.
No problems, but perhaps there is something better with the same opening, if this is what is mainly the reason for the ease of playing. Normal medium std. band music with a touch of jazz.
Any contributions folks?
And a merry Xmas to all.

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Merry Christmas Ronish.

Most of my playing is in a community band that does what I would call High School concert music. Classical to a little more up beat pop/swing stuff. I'll just tell you what I use for general purpose playing. :)

For alto I've found that the Rousseau 4R is pretty close to the 4C but gives me a little 'warmer' sound on my Martin Indiana.
It's a good all around mouthpiece. Pretty free blowing and reed friendly. I use Hemke 2.5's or 3's.

On tenor I've been using and old C* that was reworked by Fred Rast. i think it has 7* stamped on it somewhere near the table. I also have an old Yamaha piece that is probably a 4 or 5C that sounds good too. Again I use Hemke 2.5's or 3's.
I haven't tried a Rousseau on tenor yet, but I would like to just to see if I like it as well as I do for alto.

I'm only 50 so my 'blower' is still going pretty strong. You might try something similar if you get a chance. Shopping is always fun when it's horn related.

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Merry Christmas to you too, Ronish.

Without wishing to be awkward, I think a Yamaha 4c is a pretty easy playing mouthpiece (in my experience, I must admit I haven't played all the options mentioned so far in this thread). I would possibly be inclined to go down a .5 with reeds before going on a mp hunt. What reed are you playing? All the best.

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The 4C is a decent starter piece, and is capable of being used far beyond its purpose - I still sometimes use my bari 5C piece for gigging. But there are plenty of other options out there that will give much the same sound for less effort.
The aforementioned Rousseaus are excellent in this respect.

Only one way to find out - get yourself off to a decent music shop and spend a few hours trying out the alternatives.

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