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The Right Notes at The Right Time- A Practical Guide

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Why do solos based on Blues scales sometimes sound great, but other times sound terrible?

It's all about playing "Blues Notes" at the right time and in the right place.

Using the great Eddie "Cleanhead" Vinson's solo on "Kidney Stew" as a practical example, Andrew "Dog Pants" Campbell" describes how you can learn a simple and workable method to accomplish the same feat in your solos.
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Interesting article. I've sticky posted your announcement so others don't miss it.

I just read through some of it (I will read it all soon)
Thanks DogPants! Great article.
Now i have more @#$% things to think about:?
Thanks should go to Harri, Neil, Bill, and all the other staff members, who knocked up a rough draft into something presentable.

And to Bootman, Gary, John Lull, Rory Leitch, Rick Adams, Martin, Keith Ridenhour, Pete Thomas, John Talcott, and others, for their help in preparing the lesson.

I hope it helps. I also hope more people will listen and learn from the late, great, "Mr Cleanhead."

BTW that photo doesn't do me justice. :)

Thanks guys!

It's really nice to see this up here on SOTW for everyone to access. I got a LOT out of this lesson, thanks once again DP
I have to agree with everyone else...very good and informative article...thanks for the post
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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