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Take the most experienced player you know with you next time and see if they struggle with the same mouthpieces.

The Jumbo Java and the C* are about as opposite as you can get in terms of mouthpiece design. Perhaps that is why you struggled. I have played a Jumbo Java T55 on a tenor, and had no issues getting low notes out...I normally play on a mouthpiece with a lot less baffle. I am wondering why you have issues with the low notes. It could be anything from reeds, to the horns regulation, to your embouchure, to the piece itself.

My recommendation is to get a professional saxophone player to give you a lesson or two and discuss your concerns with them and see what they recommend.

As far as your question, the Vandoren Optimum performs well in my experience for classical on tenor.

A do it all mouthpiece?? I would imagine it's possible with any moderate mouthpiece. Reed and lig changes can help with the brightness/darkness ratio.

- Saxaholic
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