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Well, after decades of playing and tens of dollars, I use a Selmer Soloist C* on both tenor and alto for anything related to "classical", or, for that matter, for real quiet jazz gigs. Actually, these two mouthpieces came in the cases of the first alto and the first tenor I ever owned.

I have a few mouthpieces for both, but my standard jazz piece for both is the Meyer hard rubber - #7 for alto and #8 for tenor.

No problems with low notes.

I would prioritize as follows:

1) Check the horn, sounds like lots of leaks
2) Embouchure and airstream building exercises
3) Learn how to adjust reeds so a too-stiff one can become just-right in 5 minutes.
4) Pick a good quality standard hard rubber mouthpiece (Vandoren, Selmer, Caravan, Rousseau) and practice.

No, the mouthpieces I use aren't "perfect" but I don't expect them to be. They work fine. The rest is up to me.
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