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Wow, that's a lot of responses!

As for everything else, thank you all for your advice. Before trying that S-80 C* out, I had little knowledge of tip openings. But looking back on the experience through that lens now, it was definitely a massive jump to make, and that definitely contributed to my struggle with the mouthpiece. Going forward I will try to look for a classical piece that is much closer to the T55 in terms of the tip opening.
That's unlikely to work, classical piece tend to have smaller tip openings. However the elephant in the room for me is this:

Wow, that's a lot of responses!
I've been playing on is great and works perfectly for jazz, but even that one has its flaws (notes lower than low C are a serious struggle to get out).
That problem is NOT the mouthpiece. i've played on a T55 and could play down to Bb with any dynamic range. So this issue needs sorting out before you eben think fo experimenting furtyer with mouthpiece.

The issue could be aleak in the instrument. Your embouchure or bad reeds. I suspect as ytou've been playing 7 years, it can't be 7 years of bad reeds.

So I would find out what is wrong there, and only then think about a different mouthpiece for classical. It could be the C* willl work fine onec you have addresd that issue. Of course, you will need different reeds - not necerssarily harder because the toip is smaller, just different reeds because your current reeds will have formed to the current T55 tip and curve, so probably not work too well on a mouthpoece with smaller tip.

Personally I prefer not too big a change, hence I would use a wider tip for classical, however I'm not what you would call a specialaist classical player, I might do something that is more of a classical flavour if I'm asked to on a recording session and mostly I would be able to do that without changing mouthpieces, just changing sound and attitude.


before doing anything, find out why you are having issues with those low notes and address it.
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