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the pianissimo and entrancing b flat

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It took me about 50 hours to repad and tighten the mechanism of my Vito- Yamaha 21. When I got to play the b flat in a pianissimo and entracing way, as jbt sax puts it, I experienced a great sense of satisfaction.

I needed to simply touch the keys lightly for the horn to play the b flat. And of course the other notes came out just as easily.

There is a difference between a playing condition sound and pianissimo and entrancing.

My question is; how would you describe the feeling of the pianissimo and entrancing b flat?

I have the sensation of tautness, of a connextion between my breath and the instrument.

Apparently, on an accostic level, there are many simularities beteen the column of air and the string of a string instrument….
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IMO, Bb often comes out more easily than B, C, and especialily C#, which seems to be more fussy because of the foibles of acoustic design.
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