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I have a hand full of Impulse Tenor pieces that I can finish out into different sizes.

As discussed earlier, the Impulse is a powerful hard rubber tenor piece that is machined from the highest quality German Hard Rubber. It is extensively hand finished and play tested. The piece is inspired by the music of Sonny Rollins. Its berg like chamber with that is brilliant yet retains warmth. It is probably like a berg 1.8 ...depending on which berg you have :mrgreen:.

It is quite free blowing and of course the camber is smaller than a Link. SO if you play a 7* in a link Id suggest going to an 8 on this piece easily.

The piece will be $385 and 385 euros respectively

Buy it now, before it hits the stores (I dont compete with my vendors) and you can have it for 30 off.

thanks and feel free to ask questions.

P.S. I will announce when either the pieces are gone or the sale has ended.
1 - 8 of 8 Posts