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I hate to be that guy that revives an old thread, but I have to be that guy. A friend who was one of my older sister's teachers in high school contacted me. His wife had found her old alto saxophone from high school and they offered it to me, free. My plan is to repad it (desperately needed), probably have my local tech regulate it, then donate to the school I work at. It says Beauport, American, Chicago, U.S.A. It has been in various basements at least since she was in college, she is now retired and their grandson just became a police officer. I would estimate their age around 70 (just for reference). She says any cleaning of the horn happened before she owned it, but at some point in it's life, it looks to have been buff polished. I've likely got the pads I need and will only be out the spring removal tool from Ferree's I should own, anyway ($49.50), along with the regulation once the repad is done. I'd like to know some more of the history before I commit. It SEEMS to be a pretty strong horn, but not in playable condition (so I can't really check). I'll be spending a lot of time recorking, as well. Any insight/info much appreciated.

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