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The old H2O2

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My alto reed sounds fine but despite rinsing after every use it got some black (fungus?) growing on it.

Soaked it in Hydrogen Peroxide until the bubbling stopped ( about 20 min), rinsed and used my thumbnail to scrape off the gunk under running water.

90% of it came off, doesn't look brand new but way better.

I'll try it later and see if it plays the same or better.
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Not despite washing with water but cause it stay wet for long enough to allow fungus to grow.
The same will happen if you wash with peroxide and dont let the reed dry. That is cause peroxide loses one of the oxygens very fast in the air and turns to water.
Peroxide also doesn't kill 100% all the fungus types so that black stain is more or less harmless but not 100% sure, better discard the reed.
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