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The old H2O2

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My alto reed sounds fine but despite rinsing after every use it got some black (fungus?) growing on it.

Soaked it in Hydrogen Peroxide until the bubbling stopped ( about 20 min), rinsed and used my thumbnail to scrape off the gunk under running water.

90% of it came off, doesn't look brand new but way better.

I'll try it later and see if it plays the same or better.
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It's often hot & humid where I live & went through a time where my reeds were mildewing so quickly I started carrying around an eyedropper bottle with grain alcohol in it, and I would just dose the reed with a tiny drop when I was done.

Even now if I'm just playing at home & soaking reeds, I'll put a drop in the water. Rarely get mildew on a reed anymore.
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