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The Not-so-good player?

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Hi all - I don't have the time to look at other example posts and see how many words I have to say, but I will keep it simple...

I am that saxophone player gets yelled at by the band teacher for playing a triple altissimo D, deafening half of the band's ears, and outplaying the percussion. Every day. (so I actually don't have an A in band). My notes are so wrong that even the school Jazz band cannot predict my "kazoos". My brain cells are so dead that I cant play better than my 7th grade self in regional scales. My style is so (nauseating) interesting that my parents think any person other than me who plays saxophone played for 27 years. Anyways- I am glad to come here to learn new tricks and tips to further annoy my band teacher.

Me: "We got our band parts today!"
Dad: "Son, what part did you play?"
Me: "All of them..."
Dad: visible confusion

So- in conclusion, am I really just trying to live life to its fullest, and stray from the ultimate life goal of 99.9% of people; to satisfy their wills and try not to change? Or will I regret posting this since it is 2 am.
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When I was in school band, there was another sax player just like you. A total screw-up. Play the parts as written so the band can play the music and sound good. Learn to play in a band. If you can't or won't work with others to play in a band. you should quit or else be removed. Stop screwing around and get serious about playing music.
A month later after this post, my band teacher actually let me play an octave higher on a solo that I cannot remember now- just an FYI that this is the average school band; a pretty informal setting (in general). Of course, when I made regionals later that month and a year later and eventually all-states 24 hours ago, I got serious (partially because the music was not so easy that I could have so much spare time during the time to "improv")

Also, when I was in a jazz band, a trumpet player brought a literal accordion [an unplanned part] and played a whole entire jig on the accordion; where even the conductor was surprised but pleased during the concert- showing how life's concreteness is never concrete and how nonconformity (at the right moment) is golden.
We mature folks use forums like this for exchanging ideas and information. Young people use it as an emotional outlet. The OP obviously didn’t like like being reprimanded for being obnoxiously in the band room and came here to vent. None of it is literal
I did not intend for this to be emotional a year ago when I wrote this, as the forum I was literally posting to was "Introduce yourself," which implies that one who posts there might as well introduce themselves.
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