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The Mighty Indiana

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Last Tuesday I messed up my back. I usually play tenor on my gigs, but Friday night each set was torture, I couldn't support it w/o it straining my back. To make matters worse, on the last song of the night, already past 1:00 , the guitar player gets inspired and decides to play an extra 7 minutes on his solo! So for Sat. night I decided to play alto. We play mostly rock, blues, a little jazzy stuff and one or 2 Willie Nelsons. I got out my trusty '49 King Zephyr and to my horror, one of the upper stack springs was broken. In a panic(one hour before the gig) I searched for and found my $165.00, hanging on the wall behind the "high end" jewelry counter, Goodwill special mid 50's Martin Indiana alto. I put on my trusty Bari brand Richie Cole mouthpiece, tested it for intonation (do all altos have worse intonation than tenors? All 5 of mine do) and left for the gig.Well, I was pleasantly surprised to say the least.This horn was as close to a tenor sound an alto can make! Pretty ballsy and a truly beautiful tone. Even the guitar player voluntarily commented that he really liked the tone and said to bring either tenor or alto whatever I preferred. Other than adjusting to playing in the new keys, it was a great night of playing. I played it Sunday morning in church and got many, many favorable comments how they liked my sax playing. So, maybe I should play it more often!! Love those Martins!!!:D
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Yeah, rubber bands are awesome!! I once fixed an Eb clarinet, onstage, between tunes, during a concert, on tour, in the Azores, at night, with a rubber band.

The gal playing it had to keep it "fixed" that way until we returned to the states.

Love the rubber bands!!!

Also Love the Indiana that just arrived. Ebay baby!! Plays well so far, used it in performance Sunday, but needs some minor adjustments.

Love them 50+ year old horns!!

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