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I'm playing Otto Link HR copies since I play my Martin Committee III. Currently I play a TK Florida HR which is awesome. I played with a temp baffle using blue tack and discovered that a heavier baffle actually helps me to get to the sound I want, pushes The Martin out of its spread/dark sound, gives me the feeling of more control and feedback. I play jazz, I want no pop-sound but I want a good amount of high frequency and be able to play lush if I want and push it to voice it with more highs easily and break through a rhythm section if needed.

I read some threads that recommended Rico Metalite, Berg Larssen, a Meyer... I also checked some picks on Neff Music and saw that the Super D from Retro Revival got a longer, higher baffle that slowly decends into the chamber. All in all I guess the medium chamber of the Florida HR also helped me.

I don't want to spend 600 dollar on a boutique mpc though. What are your experiences with that type and a Martin Committee III, what would you recommend given the mod in the picture?


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1. Buy a Metalite at once!

It looks like a lot of baffle from the picture. I am not familiar with these sorts of mpcs, except for the Metalite and the Jaguar. Both of those worked very well for me, although ultimately I never settled on either of these. If you have not tried the Metalite, by all means please do. It is worth the money. Indeed, I have several and will send you one to try without obligation, but if you do not like it and send it back, the shipping would burn up a big chunk of the new one, they are so cheap. Just buy one. I would recommend that as a first step. But if ugly is a problem for you, then you got a problem, cuz they is ulgy. And how. I thought I did not care about ugly until I got one of these. Boy are they ugly.

One step down from the highest baffle in my collection is the Hudson, a saxscape product.

This suits me much better, and indeed it is my choice for use with C-Mel to perk it up.

2. Instead of buying a mpc, I would use sugru to reproduce it.

Apply a thin coat of petrolatum. Wrap the mpc in plastic wrap, push the sugru in tight to reproduce what you have, wait a day, and there you are. Pull it out, clean it up, push the sugru back in.


I like the idea of a friction fit balsa wedge, but have NO notion that I could sculpt one myself.

Perhaps one of these will fit -----
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