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yani soprano and 'nino better than selmers?

  • yani's is better

    Votes: 15 60.0%
  • they are equal

    Votes: 1 4.0%
  • selmers is better

    Votes: 9 36.0%
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I have no comments since I do not have experience on either of these horns for Nino or sop., but I did vote and since I use a Yani alto and like it better than the Ref. 54, I voted for Yani. Post mainly for a helpful bump.

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I don't know if many players have played any nino, much less both the Yani and Selmer versions. That may explain the lack of response. I've played the Yani nino and like it, but would prefer the R&C because of the palm keys......I've played a Selmer Series III soprano and it was ok, but have never played a straight Yani soprano(I tried the SC901 and SC991 which were both nice).

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Dr_sax said:
For soprano and bari yani´s are the best for me. On alto/tenor I prefer selmer.
A strong ditto regarding the Yani sops (even though I have owned Selmer sops), Selmer tenors, and Yani baris. I've no experience with ninos nor a desire to try them. Alto is not my bag - even though I've had more altos than baris.

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I have a Yani S6 but never played the Selmer.

Somebody send me a Selmer to compare.
I'll send it back when I'm done.

Or...... change Selmer to Selman in the poll and I'll just vote for Yani.

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I tried a Selmer 'nino (a new one) a few years back, in Boston. Wasn't impressed. I bought an R&C 'nino (new, and keyed to hi-F# as I recall) a while back and was impressed, but sold it. I had no use for it other than a looky-here.

I've never tried a Yanagisawa 'nino. I did not vote in the poll because I am of the opinion that the preferences are too personal and too subjective.

I have owned Selmer sops (VI and Serie III) and Yanagisawa sops (too numerous to list, but still have an S992 and an SC902).

I'd pick Yanagisawa sops every time, but leave room for that one exceptional saxophone that someone will claim is better. DAVE
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