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Which alto sax would you choose?

The Heavily Biased Sub-$1000 Alto Sax Poll Thread!

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Only a select few brands and models are included, and those are determined by what I'm considering buying right now - put yourself in my shoes (but don't walk a mile in them :D ) If your select model is not included, feel free to post and explain why you would choose it over the others!

Let The Heavily Biased Sub-$1000 Alto Sax Poll Thread begin!

EDIT: Oh, and please specify what you recommend if you selected "Other." I forgot to add that.
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Man o man!!!:twisted: :twisted: :twisted:

Which horn do you have now???

Which horn do you sound best on???

What do you play, or want to play???

How often do you play???

Are we talking fully overhauled and ready to rumble, or $1000 + surgery???

etc, etc, etc.

It's impossible to help you without know more. Otherwise, this thread just turns into a popularity contest and doesn't help you at all.
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Aw, all right. I was rather hoping just to let this unfold, but if you insist:

I'm on a 1958 King Zephyr, and looking for one or two additional altos to buy, and sell, if I don't like them. I've never played anything but my Zephyr, a Selmer Cigar Cutter, a Reference or two, and a Custom 82Z - so who knows what I sound best on?

I play everything from classical to rock, and enjoy them all. I'm looking for something to give me great flexibility, sound, ergos, and intonation here....

I'm pretty serious about my playing, and I strive to go at least an hour+ a day, though most weeks prevent that. And I'm talking ready to go, right out of the package - I've got other thoughts for project horns :)...

So...shall we continue? ;)
Other Buescher, series I aristocrat or New Aristocrat.
Conn Tranny
Most any Buescher from 200xxx to about 360xxx should do fine.
I voted TT even though I have three Buescher altos (TT, Big B, and TH&C) and prefer the Big B and TH&C over MY TT.

Reason? Price. Both of my later Bueschers cost more than $1K. For UNDER $1K, I like the TT best. DAVE
I went with Other Buescher. I was in the same situation as you last month, and a member here (saintsday) sold me a 338xxx Buescher Aristocrat (140), loved it ever since!
awholley said:
Other Buescher, series I aristocrat or New Aristocrat.
Agreed. If you're looking for a sweet vintage sound, the Aristocrats are tough to beat.
I'm assuming that those of you who selected "Other" without specifying are mostly talking about Martins?
I would get back my YAS-61 that I sold for $900.
My LA sax that I paid 200 for probably isn't as fast as a good vintage horn but it has a complex, very good modern sound. I'd stack it against anything I've played since my Mk 6 in college. K
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