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I love his approach on all the Pink Floyd stuff. Any other sax player could have pretty much played what Dick Parry did and cut it, but he really adds his own thing while still paying homage. Such an aggressive sound concept.

I just realized that almost all his background stuff that he plays in between Gilmour's vocals is pretty much Kenny G stuff...major pentatonic etc. The net effect is so different though, simply because of his tone and inflection.

Is he just overblowing lower register fingerings to get those effects, like at 4:53 where he goes from middle G# to high D or Eb (cant tell cuz he's bending so much)? It sounds like a choke or something.

In his little intro solo you can hear him yelling into his horn in between his own phrases.

Side story: I remember when I was 6 years old and my older brother put on "Dark Side of the Moon" on our Fischer Price record player just before he left to go out w/ friends. I was so captivated by that album that i kept playing it over and over till he got back home. It was pretty much then that I realized how much I liked music, it was like a drug or something. Anyways, I suppose you want the link, eh?

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