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Since this was brought up on another thread, I thought I might as well post separately here to let you guys know whats going on.
You can be a naysayer or supporter,...all is cool. In the end, I am SUPER excited to be a part of this upcoming project.

I never thought I'd be including this in what I do, but I am!

Hey, I hated mini vans at one point in my life too, and then when I had a kid, I discovered their beauty. :)

You learn over the years that people want certain things and they want them done right. Same with my 3 categories. I still have the same 3 categories, but now they have evolved into offering a focussed and spread option for players in each of those 3 categories. Its great for players, and I couldn't be happier to see how that system has evolved over time.
I stayed away from the whole vintage replica thing because I went to original designs ...which I love MORE than the vintage pieces, and will never stop designing and offering to players. I stayed away from the vintage stuff for 5 years and when this opportunity was presented to me from Doug and Eric, it felt like the absolute perfect time to jump in.
Why does it need to be one or the other???----It is now time to enjoy both worlds.

Couldn't be happier making my own original design pieces and I know players love the vintage stuff and want stellar replicas of that stuff too.
It was the perfect storm to jump in with these guys and be able to be a part of this project too, along with offering my original 10MFAN designs.
I figure some guys will say something to knock it, and others will be grateful. In the end, you've got to live your life to the fullest and brush off the naysayers.

I am all about being passionate about what moves me in life, and right now I have a burning passion for both projects.
I truly love what I do as everyone knows, and I am thrilled to be able to be a part of both opportunities now.

Really have never been happier.

That being said….I am happy to announce this huge project that I will be a part of.

I am going to be part of a huge project with Eric Falcon and Doug Webb to introduce the 1st full line of vintage CT scanned mouthpieces. You want accuracy, here it is within 3 microns.
We will pick what we consider to be the ultimate examples of the best vintage models. We will be doing all the pieces you can imagine.
Doug has many incredible pieces, including Tone Masters that he got from Frank Wells that Frank did for Coltrane.
Doug alone has over 1000 vintage Link hard rubbers and metals, so between his collection, mine, and Eric's----this project is VERY exciting.
We will pick the best version of a double ring, tone master, Florida STM, Slant, Reso chamber, Early Babbitt, BD Hollywood, Selmer soloist, we've got the perfect Desmond MC Gregory alto, Bergs, Brilhart hard rubber, meyer Bros alto, meyer NY USA altos, etc... including some rarer hard-to-find gems like a Gale Hollywood bari and soprano, Charlie Ventura Berg tenor, Hawkins Special pieces, Joe Allard reso chamber tenor, etc, etc... We will make pieces for alto, tenor, baritone, and soprano.
We are going through our three collections and picking the best most stellar versions of each.

Originally it was just going to be CT scanned copies of the best original untouched vintage pieces, but Doug says he has some incredibly stellar versions of some of these vintage pieces that play even better for him than anything out there, like that Frank Wells piece I mentioned, so we will do some of that stuff too. I have some incredible pieces from Pharoah Sanders that he said he "got from John" directly, so we will see how those compare to the other pieces we have in the same models.

The original vintage pieces we copy will be replicas of the originals without adjustments. The pieces that have been made to be incredible by someone else, we will let people know that that’s what we are copying, and we will not make any adjustments to those pieces either. Just the names on the mpcs will change.
We will be using proper facing curves for the different original, untouched models. No longer curves to free anything up and no changes to the baffle or floors or side walls or chambers or throat, etc.

We will be upfront as to what we are replicating and the CT scanning is used for medical equipment and is precise to around 3 microns, wich is ridiculously accurate. It’s incredibly expensive also to do each piece, but we all feel that it’s really worth it. We will offer the first full line of vintage CT scanned mouthpieces without adding any twists to the designs. The original pieces we scan will give players a chance to see how the absolute finest original vintage pieces were intended to play without adjustments.

I’m excited to be a part of this because I dealt with vintage pieces for three decades and really put those aside when I came out with my own line of mouthpieces. It will be nice to have my hand in both sides again. I really look forward to this project. A full circle moment.

I hope everyone who is reading this stuff will go to my website and sign up for THE NEWSLETTER. It literally takes 10 or 15 seconds and it’s completely free. This way people will know what’s going on and I will be offering different secret sales at different points for newsletter members.

All the best, Mark

[email protected]

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Exciting news, Mark — what a project, brother !!

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Thank you so much! It was just the right time to be a part of this and really help do it right.
The passion juices are-a-flowin"!!!!

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Easy, there, big feller, nobody wants to get any 'passion juices' on them! LOL

Hey, sounds like a great project, and there's no wonder why you're totally pumped. Now, this must have already been tried and proven before you would have announced it, so congratulations on perfecting what probably will be the ultimate way of cloning mouthpieces. I have said for a long time that no cloned mouthpiece could have 'the artist's touch' without expert/talented hand finishing, but the idea of using the 'CAT' scanner did not occur to me. Of course the scanner is only half the process as the data then must be turned into a mouthpiece by some mechanical process using traditional mouthpiece materials and maintaining the accuracy of the CT scanner. As an engineer, this is the intriguing part to me. I won't comment on how I think you're doing it but it must be working.
Dave Guardala laid the groundwork for this kind of technology when he was the first to apply CAD/CAM to the mouthpiece and then later developed the 'Laser Trimmed' process which eliminated hand finishing. These pieces actually benefitted from a real hand-finishing but he was very close to achieving what he was after.
I hope you guys have indeed finally done this as it will mean a lot to many players.
Do you think it will be possible to expand to cloning mouthpieces for players who want a spare for what they are currently playing?

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I “get” the concept of high resolution CT scanning - I’ve colleagues that have been working in that area for years.

What about the other end of the process? How do you hope to materialize those scans to reality? CAM or additive manufacturing?



P.S. Custom clones of a player’s favorite vintage piece is a great idea, although replicating work of an active mouthpiece manufacturer may be over the ethical line.

P.P.S. Names for the replicas? How ‘bout “Notto Link” or “Almost Brilhardt”? :twisted: :bluewink:

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Going out to lunch now, but I can quickly answer this. The CT scanning is immensely accurate to under 3 microns. The images are saved and then we will CNC the pieces from there with Eric hand finishing everything to get rid of machining marks and all of that stuff. I’ll give you a more detailed answer once we get back from lunch but it’s Mother’s Day so I must go.

Hope everyone has a nice holiday today.

We will not be scanning anyone’s mouthpieces to make back-ups for them. The process is so costly that there is absolutely no chance of that. I agree with you Dr. G, that would cross the line especially if there was something modern that someone wanted copied.
We won’t ever do that. We will be doing the vintage pieces that are no longer being made from the 30’s-‘70’s.

I like Notto Link, but Eric will be naming them and setting the prices.

Also, I had to laugh at the D in Brilhart. How many times have we seen that in ads on eBay, etc.? LOL
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