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The Ebb Tide

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In Annapolis, there's a dive bar on the east side of town. A little shack with a terrible reputation dating back to the 70's. I'd been going in the place since I was 16 as they sold beer late at night to anyone who dared enter just before 2am, and when I moved back to town after school it became my local pub. Once known as "Chickies", it was renamed the Ebb Tide in the 80's, though locals still called it Chickies for at least another decade. But twenty years ago new owners came in, kept the Ebb Tide name and really stepped it up. Yeah, it was still a dive bar. Yeah, it could be violent at times. But now they had some of the best burgers and wings in town, and for most of its run featured live music. I played with numerous groups there over the years. Regular stints with some, and sitting in with others. Had great times and made great friends. Met my first wife there too... but I don't hold a grudge.

So it all came to an end just before New Years. On the last day, the lot was packed at noon and my brass band came in and surprised the crowd with an hour set prearranged with the departing owner. We came in playing A Closer Walk With Thee, but then funked it up with our second tune, and though stunned at first (which you can see in the video), the crowd started rocking and kept us going for the hour. I was just glad that I got to play with the last act to shut the place down.


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I do know who the new owners are going to be. Though the name will change, I suppose on the bright side is that the character of the place has pretty much remained the same for the last three owners. If it ain't broke...
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