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The Concert Band At Home

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I came across a short review in an issue of the Clarinet and Saxophone Society of Great Britain's (CASS) magazine, of the sheet music book + backing CD, 'The Concert Band at Home' for alto sax. I found at (and elsewhere of course), that the book has been produced for other wind band instruments.

Although the pieces won't be those we are currently playing - or ever - in concert band (and may even be very - meaning too - easy), I am going to order the alto sax book for me and also recommend it to the other band members, as I think this will help them practice playing in a concert band setting at home, improving their performance in the band (plus the flautists or oboists could turn the CD down, so the brass doesn't drown them out :D).

Has anyone tried this volume, either the alto sax one or another edition - it's from De Haske Publications and do they have any thoughts on it?
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