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The Beauty of Saxophones: Conn 10M (early vintage) edition

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Hey all, just finished up an overhaul on a horn of mine to put up for sale on my site, and thought I'd share a few pictures. Hope you've got a big screen.

IMHO, the Conn M-series horns are some of the most beautiful saxophones ever made. The shape of the pearls, the engraving, the mechanism, the horn itself- its just so gorgeous. While its hard to pick favorites, a few parts of the M series horns stand out to me.

The engraving. What a design. These horns are famous for their engraving, and with good reason. The design is clean, stylistic, memorable, and beautiful.

The left hand stack keywork. The shapes here just light up my reward centers. The pearls, when in good shape, are thick and super comfortable and the spacing is among the most comfortable found on any saxophone.

The left hand pinky table. When properly spaced and set up correctly, this design is comfortable, light, slick, and incredibly facile. If you think Conn M series pinky tables are hard to use, you've never used one that was set up right.
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I have owned a 1968 10M that played superbly. I have also owned 1955 and 1957 6Ms, and they were great horns, too. I finally decided that too many great horns lay slumbering in my collection, rarely played. I sold them on to players who needed them, and though I miss them, they are now getting the play time they deserve. Suffice it to say that, if a late 6M and 10M were my only horns, I would be satisfied.
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