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I’d like to see the marketing research that put that ad together. 🤯
strange though this may be this , apparently (I had to look it up), signals a major shift in what we consider the planetarian culture

after years and years of " western, predominately American " cultural" domination , Chinese culture and in particular the Youth subculture makes its mark in the world of advertising.

This is called, 踩屎感.... which describes the " feeling to walk on ****e " , disgusting though it may appear to be to our eyes, this seems to be the summum of youth fashion subculture from China

Anyway, the " scatologic" language that never ceases to surprise me is very common for example in the NL, where one can affectionately refer to someone as poepje ( little ****) or scheetje ( little fart)

or to show someone's his place or show what you have got to someone is " een poepje laten ruiken " ( let them smell a little piece of ****), and this ( and many others are common expressions)

AND stepping on **** doesn't make your feet smell!....

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1 - 1 of 28 Posts