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That Aaron Drake...

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...really knows his stuff. I have been thrilled with one of his mouthpieces for my alto. A Drake VRJA #7 that I liked so much that I sold my my NY Meyer Bros. 6M because it was not better than the VRJA. Since his mpc cost way less ($310), I decided to get a backup. I sent him some photos of it just to be sure and he sent me a new mpc that is virtually identical in all respects. Aaron you ROCK!!!
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Hey JackLi. It has VRJA etched on it which I think stand for Vintage Resin Jazz. I don't think it has a ceramic chamber. I've been using an old two screw lig. I use an old brass no name two screw lig or a winslow.
Check that JackiLi, even though both mpc bodies look identical and play almost exactly like each other, Aaron seems to have changes the marking. My first one has VRJA, the new has NYJA etched next to the table. Both are 7 tip openings.
1 - 3 of 5 Posts
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