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I just want to thank this forum for all the help picking out an alto sax for my daughter. She had played in middle school but had dropped it for two years before high school. When she went to high school she decided to join the band. The school had a Bundy II to loan her which she played for a semester but she hated it. She wanted to have her own sax. Googling buying a beginners sax or student sax this forum came up many times and it helped reading the buying guides.One of the first ads we answered in Craigslist turned out to be a person who specialized in repairing band equipment and also sold used equipment. I could see he had equipment cases from some of the larger schools in the area in for repair. The only alto he had at the time my daughter didn't like. But more importantly we now knew someone, who if we found a sax with minor problems could fix it up. Finally we found a Vito alto on craigslist for $100. It was a YAS 21 stencil with a couple of minor dings and some spotting on the lacquer.I would describe it as a 20 footer, meaning it looks good from 20 ft away (an old car body repair term). I didn't want to spend a lot on her first sax in case she drops playing again, I but didn't want to buy junk either. After $50 for a tune up, there were a few things we didn't pick up on that the repairman fixed, she had a nice playing sax.

She played that for her first year but after awhile commented that the Vito's tone wasn't too her liking. she tried a different mouth piece with a slight improvement. She started searching around and saw a Jupiter Capital edition CES 760 for sale at a Musicgoround but it was priced a little high for our budget and the store was about an hour away. She had done her homework and had found that the Jupiters had been getting good reviews on newer horns. Also the 700's put it in the intermediate range for Jupiter. After it was listed for over a month we had a chance to stop by and look at it. She liked it and she knew the going price for Jupiters and negotiated a hundred dollars off to bring it down to $300.

Finally during our shopping we had tried a King ( I think it was a 660) that she really liked the sound but the price was high and the person who was selling it was kind of creepy and my daughter didn't want to deal with it. Later, I spotted a King Cleveland 613 for $150 on craigslist and when I pointed it out to her she gave me "the look" like what are you waiting for lets go and look at it. The person selling it turned out to be a sweet grandmotherly type selling her sons high school sax. When my daughter opened the case it turned out to be a mint King Cleveland 613 there wasn't a scratch or any signs of wear. So of course we had to buy it.

So now my daughter has gone from zero to three saxes in a short time. I know if I combined all the money spent we might be able to buy a single high quality sax but she is still a student and the instruments she has will take here a long way.
the Capital is her go to instrument for band and blends well with the orchestra
The Vito is her practice instrument she can leave at school for band and will use for inclement weather when marching
The King is her fun instrument that she just likes to play around with

After reading this forum i understand that one can't have too many saxes

Sorry for the long post.

I just want to thank you again for all your help in researching saxes and for the good time my daughter and I had shopping for them.
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