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TH&C serial # Questions

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I now own 2 TH&C's...a tenor and an alto.the 2 horns are both 342xxx and the last 3 #'s are only 591 digits apart.the alto has the lower #.
directly under the S/N on the alto it has B7 ....on the tenor its B11..
I was guessing that maybe the alto was made in July and the tenor in Nov???
I did some looking around on the net but really couldnt find too much about time frame for serial #'s...

can anyone shed some light on how close these 2 horns were made from each other...
Here is a pic of the alto
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The tenor

Here is a pic of the tenor..
God bighunk, you make my horns look like crap...but I have no clue about the dates...:(
B7 and B11 are the official model numbers for the horns used by the Buescher company. They were not marketed that way, however.

Great score on that alto, she's a beauty!
BigHunk said:
Here is a pic of the tenor..
Where? I get no pic or link of either horn. Can't help you with the serial #s, but I like looking at pictures!
Dont know why the pics went away

tenor pic
Thanks Big Hunk. Those are some beautiful horns, and I bet they have the sound to match! I was just playing my 156 'Crat tenor today, after playing the MK VI on the last few gigs, and man does that Buescher sing with a huge tone! Some day I'll get a chance to play a TH&C.
The question I can never find an answer to is, were all the saxes made and then numbered sequentially or was a range of numbers allocated to each assembler? I suspect the latter, in which case the later number could even have been made first! Production for that ea was low, so anything could have happened in terms of number allocation.

I can understand your interest in this, but I have to say, wow!, when looking at two such beautiful instruments - I really would not be overly concerned about which is the older brother.
Yea im not really concerned just curious,not that it really matters but its kind of nice to have the S/N's close.I absolutly love the tenor,the alto needs a trip to the Tech real bad so the jury is still out on that one.I have to wait for Randall to get back and send it his way since there is nobody here on Okinawa that i would trust to touch it.
Thanks for your reply, BigHunk. Just for idle interest, my daughter just took a holiday in Okinawa; she's working in Tokyo for a year and loves every minute of her time in your country.
Okinawa is a great place to live,its really like the hawaii of japan.I have been here for 3yrs now and my wife and i really love it here.I do miss my home in southern california every so often,but then i think about all the traffic and overcrowding.
But the one thing i do miss is IN-N-OUT burger....
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