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Terry Landry, a highly notable and internationally coveted woodwind pro and a baritone specialist, had to say about the new Oleg Curved Baritone Neck.

"The new neck makes it even easier & more seamless to switch between alto, tenor, and bari. My bari feels more like my other horns than ever before. There is zero acclimation period now, when switching.

Most of what I've been playing on bari, since I got the new neck, has been live work, in loud bands. I'm better able than ever before to project & compete with the volume of guitars, etc., yet I have greater control over nuances.

Thus, even in sub-optimal conditions, I'm never working so hard that I blow past the resonance. I can't adequately articulate the monumental importance of this. It's a true game changer.

Similarly, gone are the "misfires" -- previously a fact of life for bari players-- where I go to play a loud, low, staccato note, such as low D, and nothing comes out. These have always been especially problematic in studio work, where pristine accuracy is tantamount. I used to be forced to "hyper-focus" my air stream, making tiny adjustments for every note-- but no more. I just play.

don't have to, the neck has quite literally liberated my bari playing. There are far fewer mechanical and lower-brain-function impediments between the creative thought, and the real-time execution. It's like having torn down the Berlin Wall between my creative imagination and my ability to execute. This neck empowers and unleashes creativity."

Terry Landry



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