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Bigou said:
This is my first post and like everybody I have a lot of question. I decide after 10 years to leanr saxophone. I found a teacher and begin lessons at the end of august. I have to find a horn. I prefer tenor sax but my buget is probably to low to bought one.

Here's my questions :

1- Can I found a "decent" tenor around 350-400$?

1.1 If not for 300-350$ can I find a good learning alto?

2- I found an alto for 350$ canadian (Yamah YAS-21). Is that a good deal?

3- How can I be sure the horn is ok if I can't play it??

4- Ebay or not Ebay? (I bought a lot of guitars wihtout any problems).

5- Is it better to buy a used sax in a shop or in the ads?

I'm open to ANY OTHER way to ind a good saxophone under 400$:)
I will let some more experienced posters take a stab at this one, but I would think look for both altos and tenors because sometimes tenors aren't always that much more expensive. Look in used ads, but see if you can find a teacher at a music store to playtest the sax before you decide. In my area it's fairly easy to find student altos or tenors in that price range in the newspaper ads, since they are popular in schools in band. Local newspaper ads would be better for getting a good deal than a music store or even e-bay. I would say definately get a tenor if that is what you want unless you absolutely can't afford it... when I was getting my first sax many years ago I was almost convinced into getting an alto instead, even though I wanted to play tenor. Then an ad popped up for a beautiful Yanigasawa pro model tenor sax in mint condition for only $700. I bought it right away and didn't look back. But I think you may be able to find a good student model for half that much because they are quite common. (however altos a little more common because they are usually for kids.) Try to be patient and see what you can find, and I would consider any kind of model in good condition. Make some calls, ask some questions (condition of body and pads, brand, model, serial, etc.) do some research (post questions here!,) and try to figure out what's the best bet, and then find someone to test it. Just don't get suckered into buying something on the spot just becauase you are impatient (like I always do :() Good luck.
1 - 1 of 17 Posts
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