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I'd look around for a YAS-23 alto. They're pretty tough horns, and although used for students, I can bet you could find one in decent condition for your price if you spent some time looking around. If you could get your budget up to $500-$600, I'd bet that you could find a decent tenor.

There are some good saxes coming out of the Far East that are worth taking a look at, but unless you have someone who knows how to play, it can really be tricky sorting out the good ones from the crap. offers a company called "Barrington" which at least on alto is a Selmer S80 copy. I was really impressed with the quality of sound that I got out of it, I'd give it about 75% compared to my personal Selmer Paris Series II, and they sit at a tenth the price. However, I can't speak for their build quality as I never had to have on repaired. Some of these saxes, you put them under a repairman's torch and they'll melt away. Gear4Music from the UK has also gotten excellent reviews. If you search around the forum, I'm sure you'll find other brands that are capable.
1 - 1 of 17 Posts
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