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Tenor - '60s Level Aire, LT Super King, or Other?

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I'm looking for a replacement for my tenor Jumbo Java. I don't really care for hard rubber mouthpieces anymore for several reasons... none having to do with "I think metal is brighter than HR" or such.

I had a chance to play a '60s 9* Level Aire that a buddy has for sale, and really liked it. It had a great amount of brightness, which I like in my mouthpieces. However, I've also seen a good-looking LT Super King on eBay for around the same price – $170 or so – and am trying to compare it to the Level Aire.

*If you're going to suggest something else: I'm kind of on a budget, so anything above $180 or so is probably out of the question.*

Based on my preferences below, which one would you be more likely to recommend to me?

•Bright/very bright sound
•Small(ish) beak size. I like smaller mouthpiece profiles than most HR pieces.
•Rather large tip opening. I'd prefer something around .120", but anything over .115" is OK.
•Durability. I don't want some soft Silverite-y crud.

Keep in mind that I won't really be able to just return either of them – the Super King, especially – if I simply don't like them after a month or so.
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