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Before you buy anything take her to a local music shop and have her actually play a tenor sax.
Most 6th grade girls have problems with the size of the horn and reaching all of the pinkey keys.
If possible, talk to the band director at the school. Some schools will actually provide a tenor sax. You may get lucky and your daughter can use one of those untill you can find something suitable in your price range.

Yamaha and similar 'newer' saxophones seem to be a better fit for persons with smaller hands. They also hold up pretty well to the banging around they get from being played in the school band setting.
Some of the 'cheap' tenors that you find on ebay are just that. Cheap. Bad intonation, poorly made keywork, nearly impossible to find a tech willing to do any repairs...
Nearly everything you find on ebay, craigslist, etc will need repairs and/or adjusting. You will have to figure in at least $100 for those into the budget just to be safe.
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