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Tenor Sax Teacher in Northern Virginia?

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Greetings all . . .

Charlie here, and I'm looking for a tenor teacher in the Manassas/Warrenton area of Virginia (about 40 miles west of DC)


Very new to SOTW, and I'm awaiting delivery (tomorrow) on the first tenor sax (Kessler Custom Deluxe w/ 50OL7 mpc) I've ever owned. I played clarinet (formal lessons) for several years in grade school, and fooled around a bit on alto sax in my late teens after HS. I have been primarily a guitar player on-and-off since age 17, and played professionally through my early 20's. I've always wanted to play tenor sax though, and have always heard sax parts (better than voices, I guess) in my head. I'm 55 now.

I've been playing guitar in our church's praise and worship team, and have been able to craft the opportunity to join our "Horn Section," which currently consists of one trombone player. Oddly enough we are overstaffed by 3X at every other position in the band. BTW - We ROCK!!

Now, with that opportunity in mind, I need to deliver the goods. The P & W leader knows I haven't touched a horn in 35 years, so rust isn't a horrible embarassment, but I want to be able to lose the rust ASAP. Because of the length of layoff, I would classify myself as motivated, but knowledgeable, beginner/novice.

My interests run along blues/rock/contemporary christian. I hate to admit it, but I have never "gotten" modern jazz, although I can acknowledge the technical mastery possessed by many of the artists. Maybe it's just lack of exposure (shrug).

Based on that profile, any thoughts? Hard work, and lots of practice, don't scare me, but I need to find someone reasonably close, since my job consumes a lot of time.

Thanks folks,

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