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Tenor sax hard case (~$100 ceiling)

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I just got my Oscar Adler & Co tenor in the mail today. I want a new/basic hard case ($100 ceiling) to keep it safe around the house (I have a toddler demolition crew). I won't be flying/traveling/gigging/etc. with the horn. Must have a separate recessed spot for a mouthpiece and the neck. Thoughts?

Edit: Bell keys on the LEFT side.

This Selmer Paris case would be a great deal, but it specifies that it only fits instruments with keys on the right side of the bell.
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The only Protec cases in that price range look to be soft sided models.

That's probably a nice case, but it doesn't inspire my confidence (given my particular living arrangements).

a lightweight frame, durable nylon cover,
Edit: What exactly is "polyfoam". My local music store has this one is stock. I'll stop by and take a peek at it, but it doesn't look anymore sturdy than the Protec one.
Check out the pic in this link for the Kaces polyfoam tenor sax case

Not ideal but it does give you an image of the inside of the case. Looks quite a bit like a Protec, imo.
Cool. Thanks for the link.
I'll try to swing by the music store and check it out on my lunch break. It looks like it has the features I want (separate neck and mouthpiece storage), but I'm curious to see how rugged it is.
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You're welcome! Let us know how it goes.
I went ahead and bought it.

Appearance:My initial impression wasn't great. To looks like a standard soft sided case. It does look well made though.

Fit: It holds the instrument snugly. This case is equally suited for instruments with left or right side bell keys. I'm happy with the padding.

Construction: After unzipping the case, checking it out, and hitting it a few times...I was satisfied that it would be rugged enough. As they say on the website...the zipper is of luggage quality, so I'm confident that won't be an issue.

Features: There's just space for a sax and the neck. There's no additional storage inside the case (i.e. for a mouthpiece). There is a zippered compartment for accessories though. It's divided up well with a spot wide enough for a mouthpiece, a smaller section for reeds, etc.

The out the door price was $100. That's more than online, but as I said below...I wanted something today.

That Protec case may look soft sided but, it's got a hard wood shell. I've got one. It's toddler proof. The interior fit is much better than the Gator. The Kaces polyfoam model is not a hard case.
Yup. I would say that it's good enough for what I need though. I decided that I wanted something today...otherwise I wouldn't have been in such a hurry. I just got my new (to me) instrument in the mail and I didn't have a whole lot of confidence in the latches and interior padding (exposed wood that could touch the finish of the horn). I wanted to get the horn out of that case and into anything else (within reason).

I carried it in under my arm into the store...rather than rely on the handle..which looked equally bad.
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