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Tenor reeds with thicker tips

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Which are the tenor reeds with thicker tips? I've been playing V16 for a while, but lately they aren't doing it for me. LaVoz? Regular Rico?

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Vandoren ZZs have the same thick tip as the V16s, but a different vamp cut. You might try them.

Another alternative would be to invest in a good reed trimmer, then clip the tips of any old reed to get the tip thickness you like.
That's a good idea about the reed trimmer. I hadn't thought of that. I suppose that I would need to start with a slightly softer reed...
Hemke reeds have more of whatever it is that give heart/support to the reed. I venture to say Hemke also have a slightly thicker tip; because thin tips give me a "rattlely" sound, like blowing a comb and tissue paper. Hemke (and Zonda) give me a clearer, more focused sound.
I just switched from V16 #2,5 to gonzales reeds 2 1/4. They feel a bit thicker in the tip and need a bit more pressure. They give me a nice lush bottom and clear instant altissimo. I play them on a guardala mb.
Thanks for the suggestions guys. How about Alexander DC's? Their tip is supposed to be thicker that yellow box, but just how thick?
It's been my experience that a reed trimmer does terrible things to a reed as it destroys the subtle tapering of the reed tip. If you want a stiffer reed simply use a stiffer reed size.

Alexander Classique reeds are a thicker cut -- as I described on another thread, it's not just having a thicker tip it's having a thicker cut (more "wood") in the heart and vamp that gives one a stronger tonal core. Most reeds that have a thin tip also don't have much wood in the vamp.

Classical type reeds have a thicker cut. Alexander Classique, Gonzales, Vandoren Traditional are the ones that first come to mind. Alexander DC reeds are also good but Classique really "sings". One problem I've heard reported about Hemke is they don't last very long. But, if they work really well for you then have more of them in rotation in a reed case. Then, as one wears out replace it with a new one. Simple solution!

The regular cut Legere reeds I use are thick-cut and are based on the profile of Vandoren Traditional. They have a beautiful, fat, vibrant sound. Whereas, the thinner-cut Legere Studio reeds sound thin and buzzy to me.

Alexander Classique and Gonzales reeds are among the best classical type reeds available. Hard to see how you could go wrong with them.

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Thanks for the message Roger. The Classiques unfortunately don't do it for me. Their tip is too thin for what I like. It's not the cut of the reed that I want thicker, it really is just the tip. Same thing for Vandoren blue box and from what I remember Hemke. I have never tried a Gonzales. Might be time I did.

I pulled out a couple of plain Ricos today and they seem to be working. I'm not sure if they would be classified as having a thicker tip or not. I have always really liked the sound of the regular Ricos. I just can't play them for too long because I get tired of looking for the good ones.

Anyway, thanks all for the suggestions.
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