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I am trying a Slant Tone Edge (seems and was told is vintage), which sounds incredible despite chipped tip.

While trying to identify the piece, there are two aspects that are intriguing and I have not been able to find an answer to explain them despite extensive search.

First , it has a four digit serial number on the right of the table and , second, the tip opening number is on the left and I have seen it on the right in all cases of vintage slant pieces.

Also, what do you think about the rails and baffle, chamber shape? It doesn't look it has been modified but who knows. I have been asked for 350 USD and I am ready to pay for it but only if it is a true vintage slant

I appreciate your comments .... Please see photos below.

Antonio Sanchez

Ps Apologies for the white marks but was requested not to remove them before buying. Cosmetics Finger Cone Gas Nail
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It is not a Florida or a NY era Slant.
It's not a vintage mouthpiece.
But it is a new vintage tribute serie Tone Edge.
It is a recreation from otto link to their great old models.
They all come with a serial number, and this is why the tip opening is on the left.
I don't remember the price but I think they less than 350$ new.

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Certainly not a highly prized vintage piece, but I play a "New Vintage" on my Grassi Professional 2000 tenor, and the combination works very well for me! Not overly bright, but still enough power for a big band section. Very different from the regular Tone Edge mouthpieces.
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