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Tenor or Sop?

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Have posted a re-do of an earlier piece based on a guitar loop with a latin feel. This one is with Tenor. If you go down the Sound Cloud list and find "Madam of Madrid" you will hear the sop version. Both are improvisations so quite different. Not sure which is more suitable for the feel of this. Comments welcome.
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Wade, the link's not working....So I went to your Soundcloud site and I'm listening to Madam of Madrid for soprano.
I don't remember hearing this one on soprano. The tenor version isn't on the page.

Great feel and it's definitely a different time 1920's) This is wonderful. Very classy music.
I find it delicate. Like, if not careful it could break..........'Fragile, handle with care'.................You guys certainly do!
Thanks Mike I think it's fixed now. Check:
You may not have heard the sop one as it was only posted on the soprano section and not here.
Yeah, I dig it. There is elegance in your music. Simplistic yet it tells a story based on who you and your guitarist are, as in how notes can relate to attitude.
Organic playing, (technically everything is organic including synthetic...but you know what I mean) which is what I think about when I listen to you guys, is not obfuscated with layers of pretentiousness. Or, to be more apt, to try and cover up deficiencies of imagination.

Naturally, not all compositions, statistically dense, are layered in pretentiousness, it depends on the subject matter. Yet when imagination is on the scarce side, the technical side may tend to take over.
Imaginative work can be expressed well in minimalistic works such as the work you've been producing. If we were to use the communicative analogy of words/notes, then the term 'colloquialism'
can be best offered from someone like myself. Common everyday language which we can all understand which indicates humility. Whereas, common in the jazz genre, at times, there can be too many notes
that are not colloquial in nature. They become verbose in nature and for obvious reasons.

You strive to communicate your work to other ears and I can only respect the impetus to think along those lines.
I surely hope more and more people get a good feeling out of this work because it's certainly
not tied down to a peer pressure operation.

Good work!
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Thanks Mike. I should probably post a really crappy piece sometime so that we can see that you are also capable of being critical. Ha! Yes I don't tend to play a plethora of notes. Good reason why: I'm just not that good. But I probably wouldn't anyway as it doesn't necessarily make the music any better. Clear and direct with the music at the center rather than my ability (or lack of same). These little modal pieces are a good exercises to lay down melodic lines with some sort of feeling. Since most are improvisations that occasionally involve a saved loop (as in this case) it allows me to revisit that feeling and do something different (or not). I remembered the loop, but couldn't remember what instrument I'd played (soprano the first time). I also couldn't remember the name as that only comes about when I save the edit (the box comes up and I give myself 2 second to think up a name). So the name doesn't even stay the same (unless for some unknown reason I remember the first name). Sorry if this is confusing, but these are just exercises not written pieces so there is little or no consistency except for the loop itself.
Why Wade, if I didn't know better I'd think you're insinuating that I'm a phony? (I know your kidding)....
What you must understand is I'm not a traditional listener. What the hell does that even mean?
I can find beauty in most pieces of art. If I don't find beauty I still don't dismiss them as art because I don't see art as having any type of boundary. It's foolish to think art begins and ends with an imaginary self proclaimed frame. It's who we are that creates those boundaries of illusion and so I know who I am and what art is for me. Art never stops.... And in that ambiance of art which is ubiquitous I can break it down in any way I wish to. That's how I approach your music.

You're not that good?....Yeah, I know you're not a monster sax player. So? What does that mean? You are capable of stringing notes together and they are being strung together your own way. Not by way of redundant, someone else's thoughts, stick an ice pick in my eye sequences. You're tone is what sells it for me. I hear it in your tone.
I understand your humbleness but please................ You've got nothing to apologize for and as I always say...Forget about the God damned distractions and play your music!

Now send me something really bad so I could sense your emotion in that way. I mean, you'd be doing it on purpose and so this would have just as much merit as something you tried to play really good.
It simply would mean another frame of mind in which you used sound to express yourself...

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