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Tenor or Sop?

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Have posted a re-do of an earlier piece based on a guitar loop with a latin feel. This one is with Tenor. If you go down the Sound Cloud list and find "Madam of Madrid" you will hear the sop version. Both are improvisations so quite different. Not sure which is more suitable for the feel of this. Comments welcome.
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Thanks Mike I think it's fixed now. Check:
You may not have heard the sop one as it was only posted on the soprano section and not here.
Thanks Mike. I should probably post a really crappy piece sometime so that we can see that you are also capable of being critical. Ha! Yes I don't tend to play a plethora of notes. Good reason why: I'm just not that good. But I probably wouldn't anyway as it doesn't necessarily make the music any better. Clear and direct with the music at the center rather than my ability (or lack of same). These little modal pieces are a good exercises to lay down melodic lines with some sort of feeling. Since most are improvisations that occasionally involve a saved loop (as in this case) it allows me to revisit that feeling and do something different (or not). I remembered the loop, but couldn't remember what instrument I'd played (soprano the first time). I also couldn't remember the name as that only comes about when I save the edit (the box comes up and I give myself 2 second to think up a name). So the name doesn't even stay the same (unless for some unknown reason I remember the first name). Sorry if this is confusing, but these are just exercises not written pieces so there is little or no consistency except for the loop itself.
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Never mind I found it. I got confused because in the song description it says it's like "Madam from Madrid" instead of "Madam of Madrid". I did prefer the sop version because I felt like I could feel your emotions more.
Thanks Tony. I like the sound and balls of the Tenor, but am not sure that the feeling comes through the same as with higher pitched instruments. This is what I wanted to get a sense for. Sorry about not quoting the name right. My weak excuse is in the post above.

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