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I'm looking for a good set of fingerings for high register and altissimo multiphonics on the tenor.

The two ones I've found thusfar...

F3 - finger middle E + side Bb + octave
F#3 - 1 + 3 @ L, 1 + 3 @ R, + low C

I think these are Brecker fingerings, and they sound great. They pop out real nicely. I wants more!

I would like to get similar ones for G3, G#3, and A3 and preferably all the way up the altissimo register.

I haven't found anything canonical on the web, which surprises me, just bits and pieces in different places. I have the Kientzy book, but I'm having trouble following it due to the volume of material. I would love just a set of multiphonics fingerings from like high E or Eb up to, say, F4, which is usually my highest altissimo that I play.

I'm willing to purchase a book, also, but the Gross is out of print. I can't find it. What is the next best one?

Thanks for any info/suggestions you can provide.
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