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I've startet playing in two different hiphop groups, and i feel I need a mouthpiece that fits with the genre.
I'm an intermediate player and I'm now using a Phil Tone metal Otto Link NY 7# with Rico 2½ reeds (wich I got for playing jazz). I've also got a metal Berg 120/2, which i think is a little too open for me, but its closer to the sound I feel I need.
What I'm looking for is a mpc that cuts through and gives me a clear sound that is suited for playing rythmic music, especially hip hop.
Should I go for a less open mpc with a harder read you think?
I would like to stick with metal.
By the way I'm playing a 1948 Conn 10m tenor.
Any suggestions appreciated!
Thanks, Simon
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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