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Tenor Mouthpiece Comparisson Clip TE Link vs EB TE Link vs STM vs Florida STM vs Dukkoff

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Hi everyone,

I decided to run through my mouthpiece drawer and pull out my small collection and compare the mouthpieces, with the same ligatures and reeds. So here's the clip:
The mouthpieces are as follows:

Note: I use a FL ultimate Brass Ligatures on all of these mouthpieces and the same Rico Jazz Select Filed 4S so that there was as few variables as possible.

1. Otto Link TE 7
I bought this for 40 bucks brand new, and had it refaced by a good friend of mine Gabriel Vatavu. It suited the '67 10m Conn I was playing at the time, when I moved over to the selmer that I played on this clip, a lot of my friends noted that I couldn't seem to put enough air into the horn. So I bought another piece. a few months ago I got it refaced again by another friend Noel Stephensen hoping to get some more goodness out of it.

2. Otto Link TE EB 6* opened to 9 by Gabriel Vatavu
This was the mouthpiece I replaced my 7 with. I always feel out of breath from playing this piece and I never feel like I can over power it - especially when I stopped practicing 4-6 hours a day. I also felt like I had trouble making the sound focus. These days I use this mouthpiece as an exercise piece - sort of like training with weights haha.

3. Otto Link STM 8* refaced by Gabriel Vatavu
This was the first mouthpiece I bought for tenor - it was a big shock considering I went from a selmer C* on alto to an Otto Link STM 8* or tenor. I had it refaced to see if I could get more from it as I felt it was reed picky.

4. Otto link STM Florida 7 No USA refaced by gabriel Vatavu
This is the latest addition to my collection. I bought it because I felt I got enough of everything from it, however now that I'm semi unemployed and I'm practicing a lot more I'm beginning to feel it is a bit small and I may need to have it opened up to an 8.

5. Dukkoff D9 Closed down and refaced by Noel.
I bought this one just to see what it was like to play a high baffle piece. Not knowing how fragile Silverite is it got fairly damaged just bouncing around in my case. So I had it refaced by Noel who also did some baffle work to it. This one is a bit reed picky to me. My closest friend likes my sound best on this one... but well I don't haha- this being said the more I listen to this clip the more I realise how little the mouthpiece has to do with a sound.

Forgive the bad playing here and there especially in the altissimo register - that is where I'm doing a lot of practice at the moment and it really is a work in progress.

Thanks for listening! Any comments would be appreciated.
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Love listening to comparos, thanks for upload =) Just listened through, did my best to skip and not see which sound clip pertained to which mouthpiece.

I liked the STM 8 the most, followed by the Florida STM 7. Really didn't like the Dukoff, sounded blatty (if that's even a word, hah). The Tone Edges just didn't have pizazz for me--but I'm partial to how metal links sound anyway.
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